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Permanent Recruitment

Since 2000, I have been professionally involved in recruiting employees for various job positions. My idea on how to successfully complete recruitment?

  1. Use of social networking sites (LinkedIn – premium version)
  2. Job advertisements as support (, infopraca,
  3. having a database of candidates and contacts // networking

HR consulting

Need to rent for the duration of an HRBP project? I’ll help you:

Recruit an employee adequate to the needs of your company
Establish market wages
Design the recruitment process in your organization
Build an onboarding process for new employees
Develop standards related to employees leaving the company (exit interview, outplacement)
Design and implement HR tools that support personnel management, including job description cards, employee evaluations, job satisfaction surveys, training planning, and evaluation.
Kompleksowe podejście

Career training and advice

I conduct training and workshops on the recruitment process. I can provide many years of know-how on how to efficiently select a candidate from among many CVs who will successfully perform the job in a given position. I trained HR departments, managers and department directors.

As part of our cooperation, I help companies with layoffs of employees, training them how to look for a job and how to write application documents to successfully find a new employer.

For employers

For candidate